Sunday, October 14, 2018

Poetic Inspiration: Black Rose In a Garden of Red

Black Rose in a Garden of Red  

If you think Roses are red  
And Violets are blue  
Close your little Crayola box  
And let's find a different view  

Come see a rosy rainbow garden 
Whites and colors in full bloom  
Wildly kissing and embracing 
Tales of war were never true  

We may find orange or yellow  
It’s a Rose, smells just as sweet 
What's in a color, pink or purple 
Just as tasty in a treat  

But the Black Rose, how exquisite 
Bold and brilliant, though unsung  
So much soul and spice and spirit 
Kept in darkness, this is wrong!  

Truly go and smell all the roses 
Take a bush of violets too 
In a garden so rich with color  
Unknown truths are overdue  

Take a breath and sing a fresh song 
Roses are black, Violets not blue 
For diversity sure is pretty  
And you Black Rose, so are you 

Elikem Enyo Annan

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